Wyndham “Gran Condor”

On Tuesday morning of January 7th, 2014, the first founding stone was laid to begin the construction of Quito Airport’s new hotel, the Grand Condor in Tababela, Ecuador.

The prHotel Gran Condoroduction of the new hotel is being planned, developed and managed by Pronobis, a real estate association with plans of investing a total of 17 million dollars to complete the new addition to Quito Airport.

The main goal of the hotel is to provide an area for mainly tourist passengers, airline crew, business executives and people who have long connections or layovers. … Continue Reading

The Galapagos Guides

Tours (57)When you take your trip to the Galapagos Islands, your tour operator is important. The ship or hotel you choose is important, too. Even the time of year you go is important. The most crucial element involved in how much you’ll enjoy your time, however, is probably your guide. Your guide will be with you whenever you are off the cruise ship and will explain the wonders of Galapagos to your group. … Continue Reading