My Galapagos Adventure – Day Three

Join me for day three of my 15-day journey through the Galapagos Islands.  When I left you, it was night time and we were leaving Espinosa Point on Fernandina Island.  Over night the boat moved a short distance back to Isabela Island where we are to be treated to many more wonders. (Click the links on the right to read about the beginning of my journey.)

A Taste of History

Pirate Graffiti at Tagus Cove

Pirate Graffiti at Tagus Cove

When you first open your door and walk onto your balcony to greet the day at Tagus Cove, you’re surprised by grafitti all over the cliff walls. With this park so protected, how could anyone make it out here and destroy it so callously? It’s because the people who did this were callous and rude. They had no regard for the land, nature or evolution. Preservation and conservation were simply not in their lexicon. In fact, the graffiti artists were here 300 years or more before Charles Darwin.  Tagus Cove is where the history of these pirates and that of Darwin can visually be seen to intersect. … Continue Reading

A visit to the Magical secrets of the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador

Getting to La Selva EcolodgeMake no mistake: La Selva Lodge is remote. To get there, you have to take a flight from Quito to the sweaty oil town of Coca, where you board a river canoe. You cruise two hours downriver, long past the last houses and shacks on the jungle shore. You reach a dock, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, where you get off and march through the humid shadows of the rainforest floor. Then, it’s back onto another, smaller canoe, which is paddled across a glassy lagoon to the lodge. Don’t let the journey put you off: It’s worth every minute, and it’s the very remoteness of La Selva that makes it such an unforgettable trip! … Continue Reading

My Galapagos Adventure – Day Two

A Mysterious Journey

Ocean Spray Catamaran

Ocean Spray Catamaran

  This is day two of the tales of my adventures in Galapagos.  Scroll down to see how this amazing trip began.  There are many itinerary options for the Ocean Spray catamaran and I’ve chosen the 15-day tour of both the Eastern and Western sides of Galapagos (you can go for as few as 4 days).  With me are 15 fellow travelers who have come for just six days. I’ll share a few thoughts with you before telling you about this wonderful day. … Continue Reading

People of the Train: Darwin Grijalva, Engineer

Darwin Grijalva and the train

Darwin Grijalva and the Train


Darwin Grijalva is one of several engineers who work for Tren Ecuador.

When I met him, Darwin was driving the train that runs the Quito-Machachi-El Boliche route. Darwin is a young, thoughtful man who has trained extensively for his job and obviously loves doing what he does.

In Ecuador, there is no specific “driver’s license” needed in order to drive a train, probably because there are so few individuals trained to do so.

I had the chance to catch up with Darwin and ask him a few questions while the train was stopped at one of the stations. He cheerfully answered my questions and it was clear that he enjoyed the rare chance to interact with one of the passengers, something he does not get to do every day. … Continue Reading