My Galapagos Adventure – Day Six

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Sometimes, because of passengers’ coming and going, the morning excursion is early. Thursday is one of those days.  To be more accurate, on this trip Thursday was one of those days.  It depends on the length of the trip the guests have signed up for.  The Galapagos National Park Service allows for 4, 6, 8 and 15 day cruises. On my boat, the Ocean Spray, the possible change over days were Thursday, Saturday and Tuesday.  You can’t anticipate in advance when passengers will be coming and going.  This is the first time for me that the 15 other passengers all left mid-week, meaning on Thursday.

Approaching South Plaza at Sunrise from Panga

Approaching South Plaza at Sunrise from Panga

Because the cruise company wants to assure that the last morning is as memorable as the first afternoon, a fabulous excursion is planned early enough in the day to assure that every one leaves with this as their last recollection, but with enough time to allow for a final breakfast, last minute packing and getting to the airport.  Thus, we disembark very early for a one-hour visit to South Plaza Island. In my mind, I’m thinking that a one-hour visit can’t offer much.  Maybe, I think, this is just a way to keep us busy before some of the guests leave. Was I ever wrong. South Plaza is a panoply of colors, bird life and sea lions. The profusion is breathtaking; the landscape is stunning.

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