Termas de Papallacta: Gateway to Bliss

Nestled between the snow-capped Antisana and Cayambe volcanoes lies Termas de Papallacta, a luxurious spa and resort, and a must-visit on your tour through Ecuador! Just 40 miles from Quito, the scenic drive to Papallacta, which sits at 10,824 feet above sea level, eventually culminates in the Amazon. Wind through …

Riding the Liberty Train

Ecuador is revitalizing its once-decrepit train system, and the results are astounding! Once, the train went all the way from near the Colombian border in the north to Guayaquil, but with the advent of roads, large sections of track fell into disuse. In recent years, however, Ecuador has been slowly …

Photo of the week – Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Early this morning… Ready to jump in the water to snorkel with sea lions! Exploring the Galapagos Islands on board luxury catamarans. Getting to remote places in the enchanted islands. Enjoying every single day of the cruise! Cormorant Luxury Catamaran

Ecuador & Peru Luxury Tour Packages

www.EcuadorLuxuryTours.com Be part of an amazing journey and explore the Avenue of the Volcanoes in Ecuador. Volcanoes, snowcapped, fabulous landscapes and luxury boutique haciendas hotels will be take you into the Andes Mountains.

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The Saquisili Market


Saquisilí is a medium-sized native town about two and a half hours away from Quito to the south and only a half hour away from the city of Latacunga. Most days, it’s a sleepy little place, with locals – mostly indigenous people – walking slowly through the streets, dogs scurrying about and the occasional truck rumbling through, destination elsewhere. On Thursdays, however, the town becomes a bustling center of activity as the weekly market takes over much of the city center. People come from all around to buy and sell goods, animals, food and more. This market has become popular with foreign visitors, because it is a much more authentic experience than the more famous Otavalo market. … Continue Reading

Train Quito Machachi

Machachi Festivo 1

Train Route: Machachi Festivo

The Machachi Festivo train is one of the mew mini-routes offered by Tren Ecuador, Ecuador’s new, revamped rail system. The route runs from Quito to the town of Machachi and back. The trip is 40 kilometers long, and if you do the whole-day trip, it will take you about eight hours. This day trip is a popular one with people from Quito, for the obvious reason that it begins and ends at the city’s renovated Chimbacalle station. … Continue Reading

The Devil’s Nose Train Ride – Luxury Trains Ecuador

Tren Crucero 2013 IMG_nariz del diablo panoramicos 001Ecuador’s train system is quite remarkable. For the workers and engineers to have created a viable passage from Quito to Guayaquil over a century ago with the technology available at the time is nothing less than heroic.

nariz del diablo agosto 03

The track goes over rocky ravines, along raging rivers, through dense cloud forests and around mountains. But by far the most impressive section of the railway is the so-called “Devil’s Nose,” a hair-raising trip down the rocky slopes of the Andes through some of Ecuador’s most breathtaking scenery. … Continue Reading

Wyndham “Gran Condor”

On Tuesday morning of January 7th, 2014, the first founding stone was laid to begin the construction of Quito Airport’s new hotel, the Grand Condor in Tababela, Ecuador.

The prHotel Gran Condoroduction of the new hotel is being planned, developed and managed by Pronobis, a real estate association with plans of investing a total of 17 million dollars to complete the new addition to Quito Airport.

The main goal of the hotel is to provide an area for mainly tourist passengers, airline crew, business executives and people who have long connections or layovers. … Continue Reading

The Galapagos Guides

Tours (57)When you take your trip to the Galapagos Islands, your tour operator is important. The ship or hotel you choose is important, too. Even the time of year you go is important. The most crucial element involved in how much you’ll enjoy your time, however, is probably your guide. Your guide will be with you whenever you are off the cruise ship and will explain the wonders of Galapagos to your group. … Continue Reading

Cusco: El Monasterio Hotel

December 20, 2013 Travel to Peru No Comments


Time travel has never been so classy! Some time back, I had the chance to stay at the El Monasterio Hotel, a converted seminary built on the site of an old Inca Palace in Cuzco, Peru. This five-star hotel is managed by the prestigious Orient Express group. As its name implies, it’s a converted monastery, but I suspect the monks back in the day never had it so good!

History of El Monasterio
Before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, Cuzco was the grand imperial city of the Inca Empire. Mighty Emperors ruled a realm that stretched from Colombia to Chile. … Continue Reading

An Experience in the Amazon

La SelvaLa Selva Jungle Lodge has finally become fully operational after completing the finishing touches on everything from the suites to the unique, one and only butterfly spa in the Amazon. Along with their already outstanding level of service and accommodation, it is hard to imagine La Selva becoming any better than it is now!


I was able to visit La Selva Jungle Lodge for the first time as one of their guests for their grand re-opening May 31st to June 3rd, after being closed for the month of May. … Continue Reading

Halloween in Ecuador

October 31, 2013 Travel to Ecuador No Comments

Halloween is, to be sure, the most gringo of holidays. Only if the Fourth of July were somehow transported to South America would a celebration seem more out of place.

But Halloween episodes of popular shows like the Simpsons are as commonplace here as anywhere else and Ecuadorians must likewise cope with the annual onslaught of horror movies that come out around this time. Perhaps for this reason, Ecuador has embraced Halloween. … Continue Reading