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Wyndham “Gran Condor”

January 17, 2014 Ecuador News, Travel to Ecuador No Comments

On Tuesday morning of January 7th, 2014, the first founding stone was laid to begin the construction of Quito Airport’s new hotel, the Grand Condor in Tababela, Ecuador.

The prHotel Gran Condoroduction of the new hotel is being planned, developed and managed by Pronobis, a real estate association with plans of investing a total of 17 million dollars to complete the new addition to Quito Airport.

The main goal of the hotel is to provide an area for mainly tourist passengers, airline crew, business executives and people who have long connections or layovers.


inaguracionThe design of the hotel was inspired by Ecuador’s National Symbol, the Andean Condor.  According to folklore and legend in the Andean region, the Condor plays an important role as a distinctive symbol of power and health that is believed to rule the “upper world”, or, in the skies.  This is a perfect fit since the hotel will be visible by all travelers flying in and out of Quito’s airport and not to mention in the distance from the capital city of Quito.

The Grand Condor will consist of 160 rooms, a business center, offices and meeting rooms for various purposes, offering the services of a five star hotel.  Overall, the hotel will be built over an estimated space of 22,000 sq. meters and will significantly enhance and increase the growth of the airport as well as the city.  It will also provide thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities from construction employment to various hotel services.  In total, it should take about 12 months in order to complete the entire building.

 The building of the Grand Condor hotel is clear evidence of the confidence investors have in the future of Quito.  In the years to come, the new hotel will be a strong competitor and component for tourism in Ecuador generating a positive influence and great tourist image.  Adding to this new confidence is an agreement that was signed between the Houston Airport System and Quito to create improvements in airport operations, as well as strengthening relations within foreign trade and tourism.

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